St. John the Evangelist Church

55 Martha Street - Spencerport, NY - 14559 — Phone: 585-352-5481 — Email:

Garage Sale 2014
The 2014 Garage Sale, a parish fundraiser, was a great success as people searched for bargains among the treasures.
Mass at NCYC
Teens from St. John the Evangelist sign themselves as they prepare to hear the Gospel at Mass during the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis.
Our Blessed Mother
Children of the parish held a May Crowning at the Hail Mary! Family Fun Day on May 17.

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We're praying with the GOSPEL READING this week.

Faith Sharing Questions:

1. Recall a time when I felt disrespected or rejected; what does it mean to me that Jesus has suffered this same treatment?

2. How am I producing fruit for the Kingdom of God?

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The new PARISH MINISTRIES DIRECTORY is now available.  Click on the underlined words to be transferred to the document.  You can search the document by using CTRL+F and type in the search term.  Examples would include a name, telephone number, or words within the ministry's description.